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Typically the types of homeowner buyers we can help are:

  •     have damaged credit
  •     their debt ratio is too high
  •     have little to nothing to put  down (we can take trades)
  •     want owner financing
  •     are self-employed
  •     are willing to do a little "fix up" to get a bargain

We are not realtors selling someone else's home, nor are we a bank/broker who gets paid to find you a loan.  We actually own the houses that are available for you to purchase.  Since we own the homes, many times we are willing to finance all or part of the purchase ourselves.  The normal rules concerning credit, debt ratio, proof of income and yes, even down payments are thrown out the window.  Since we own the homes, we can be very creative with the financing and structure it to fit your needs.

So, if you're truly interested in buying a home of your own, we can give you several options.  If we have a home you like and you have something we can work with, you could be in a home in less than 30 days.  Just be aware that if you have very bad credit and no money, unfortunately we probably can't help you.  On the other hand, if you have at least fair credit but little or no money or if you have some money but have lost your credit, we can probably help you buy a home now.  Please let us look at all the facts before you decide that you can't qualify.

Remember, we own the homes.  We can do whatever you and we agree to make it work.  You can't imagine the folks that are now in a home of their own because they let us help them.  Most thought they couldn't qualify and could never buy a home.  They were wrong!

Call 940-458-4920 TODAY.  Together, we'll find a home and solution tailored just for you.