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INVESTOR BUYERS can count on RBR Property Investors, LLC's years of experience in buying and selling property below market prices.  Whether you are looking to fix up and sell or buy and hold, we pass on the greatest profit earning potential to you, the Investor. 

To introduce yourself to us and get on our Buyer's List, please call

940-458-4920.  We will notify you when a property of interest becomes available.


RBR Property Investors, LLC oftentimes makes short-term, interim loans to investors on the properties we offer for wholesale.  When we do, you save the hassle, time and effort of locating funds to close.  We provide the investment 

opportunity and the funds to purchase and rehab the opportunity (a one-stop shop).  You can get your deals done faster and we all know that "time is money".

Investors can also get loans from RBR Property Investors, LLC on property they find independently.  We make loans of up to 70% of After Repaired Value.

Transactional funding is also available.  This loan is for consecutive or back-to-back closings whereby a property will be purchased and immediately resold for a profit.  Once you’re under contract to purchase and under contract to resell an investment property to a cash or qualified buyer for a profit, we can provide you the acquisition financing.  

Please contact us at 940-458-4920 to learn about our lending programs and to receive the paperwork you need to get started.