Make Money

Currently we offer two ways for folks to make money with us: the Good Looker Program and the Private Lender Program.  Just let us know which one interests you.                                                


     Get paid for your          Good Looks!    

Our "Good Looker Program" is an information collection service.  A "Good Looker" is someone like you.  YOU GET PAID for information you provide on properties and people with problems.

The service you perform is easy.  You invest no money nor sell anything.  You look where you want, when you want.  You don't have to get out of your car.  You don't have to talk to anyone.  You just collect information.

You LOOK FOR HOUSES* in neighborhoods which are safe.  You drive around looking for houses that are vacant, trashy, run down, burned, littered, ugly (in need of repairs)...then when you see one, record the information on a Good Looker Property Information Form we will provide.  You decide how much you want TO GET PAID by how much information you provide.

If you choose TO GET PAID MORE, LOOK FOR PEOPLE who are behind in payments, divorcing, facing foreclosure, relocating, unemployed, tired of being a landlord...then when you identify a person, record their information on the form we provide.  You decide how much you want TO GET PAID by how much information you provide.

Complete our form as far as you want to or can.  Call, email, fax or mail the form(s) to us.  WE WILL PAY YOU based on the amount of information you collect and MORE if we close a sale based on the information you provided.


Are you Expecting Social Security to provide your retirement?  
Are you happy with earning 1-3% on your current investments?  
Are you enjoying the roller coaster ride of the stock market?  
If your answer is "no" to the questions above, would you like:

  • A safe investment with a high rate of return (6-8-10%)?
  • To take control of your investments in your retirement accounts?
  • Have your investment money safely secured by real estate?
  • A tax-free retirement account?  

If your answer is "yes" to those questions, as part of our business, RBR Property Investors, LLC provides an investment opportunity for someone like you.  This opportunity is a Private Mortgage Loan.

A Private Mortgage Loan is a loan you make to a real estate investor which is secured by the actual property the investor purchases.  This is not a high loan-to-value loan that a bank makes.  Banks make loans at an 80-105% loan-to-value ratio.  Banks just don't have any cushion that way.  We deal with very low loan-to-value (LTV) loans, no higher than 50-75% LTV.  That gives you security.  For instance, a house appraises for $100,000 and we buy it for $70,000.  That is a 70% loan-to-value example.  Obviously, a much safer approach than banks take.

Your loan will be secured by a first or second mortgage on an "RBRPI approved" investment property (single/multi-family home, land, commercial property...).

There are NO commissions or "sales load" taken out of your investment dollars (if you make a $35,000 loan, you send a check for $35,000 to the closing agent and you get a Deed of Trust for $35,000).  You earn interest on the full $35,000.

To protect your money, you will be provided with:
    A Promissory Note
    A recorded Deed of Trust
    Hazard Insurance
    Mortgagee Title Insurance
    A loan amount not to exceed 70% loan-to-value

If you have some available funds to lend and might be interested in a better return on a secure investment than you could expect to receive via other investment alternatives, please call 940-458-4920 for more information.

The faster you contact us, the quicker you can earn better than average, safe returns on your investment dollars!

We look forward to hearing from you.

RBR Property Investors, LLC                                                    940-458-4920